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Wellspring Life Solutions, Gainesville
Wellspring Life Solutions, Gainesville


Wellspring Life   Solutions is our attempt to give back the knowledge we have learned. We are dedicated to sharing what we know with anyone who will accept the challenge of looking inside themselves and seeking to grow as an individual within a family unit. This process is a challenging, sometimes threatening and yet always an enriching progression of growth. Please browse through our ever growing library of resources, explore our services and by all means communicate to us as to how we can be of help to you.

We are dedicated to individual growth and healthy family development. We are so grateful for God’s healing and blessings in our own lives and feel absolutely committed to sharing what we know in an effort to help you strengthen your own sense of individuality, while also building family strength and unity.

May God Bless your experience,

Barry and Lynda Barron

Licensed Professional Counselors

Gainesville’s Leading Addiction Rehab.

For Immediate Treatment Help call:
(844) 306-1106

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Individual Assessment and Psychotherapy

Family Therapy and Supportive Services

Anger Management

Depression and Anxiety Treatment

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Substance Abuse Evaluation and Intervention

Drug Testing


Child and Adolescent Therapy


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Private health insurance,

Military insurance (e.g., VA,TRICARE)

Methadone Treatment Program

Suboxone Treatment Program

For Immediate Treatment Help call:
(844) 306-1106

Wellspring Life Solutions

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Harry (Barry) & Lynda Barron founded Wellspring Life Solutions in 2006 to provide professional services in the areas of individual, family, and group psychotherapy. Comprehensive management of family conflict, anxiety, depression, chemical dependency and more are the focus of the services of Wellspring.


It is our aim to provide you with guidance to discover effective solutions for your life’s challenges, as well as meet your motivational needs. We believe all individuals are valuable and deserve an opportunity to explore better ways to cope and move forward in life. You will be treated with respect for your beliefs and ideals, as you strive to improve your methods of coping. You will be given professional assessment and ongoing psychological intervention that are personalized to your unique situation.

We believe in the mission of Wellspring Life Solutions to help you discover purpose for your life and healing for your inner soul. Life is difficult to say the least, but the adventure that is waiting for you in the midst of your struggle to cope and move forward with your life may well be the most rewarding journey of all. Learning the skills to discover how to manage these areas of life require guidance, education and the development of coping skills that honor your value system. This is the goal of the staff of Wellspring.


To speak with our admissions coordinators about our addiction treatment centers, or for a FREE confidential assessment or referral, call us today! +1 844-306-1106 Get help now.

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Wellspring Life Solutions, Inc.
1745 Thompson Bridge Rd.
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For Immediate Treatment Help call:
(844) 306-1106

Wellspring Life Solutions in Gainesville,GA

Wellspring Life Solutions in Gainesville,GA

For Immediate Treatment Help call:
(844) 306-1106

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